Abigail Jameson's Group Exhibition 30 July-10 August 2019

Amou Exhibition la Grange Autrement 30July-10August 2019

Our art Exhibition open last night in the town of Amou. It was a really lovely evening, and I met some very interesting people, including a gallery owner who’d like to show my art next year. If you have any time it’s on until 10 August !!!

La Grange autrement. What a love space

La Grange autrement. What a love space

Opening night of our art exhibition

Opening night of our art exhibition




I was so happy when my new 15 times magnification glasses turned up!!

They are the same strength as jewellers glasses. I’ll be able do really close up work now on my paintings!

Check them out!! Ok so they aren’t very flattering, but Im LOVING them!!


x15 magnification

Jameson Art Gallery’s new painting


I’m so thrilled to share with you my brand new painting ‘Urban Time to Think’. 

She is based on exactly the same outline as my ‘Time to think’ watercolour. 

She’s larger than my other portraits with much more of an urban feel to her. 

I had to wear my x 15 magnification jewellers glasses to paint her too as the detail is so fine !! (I’ll write more about that in my next news blog!!)

I felt she looked stronger in monotones, more striking.  Being mainly black and white allowed me just to concentrate on her textures and forms. 

The hundreds of dots give you just a little insight into some of the things I see in my vision.

Urban Time to Think

For more information about Abi and The Jameson Gallery https://jamesonartgallery.com/

Jameson Art Gallery Wins Prestigious Art Award

Figurative Art Award won by Abigail Jameson.


Figurative Art award

“I am thrilled to share with you my Art Award. 

It’s was an on-line international figurative art competition and I came 8th out of 845 entries worldwide. 

This means so much to me. 

Partly because of the exposure to a much wider audience as a result of being in theme too 10 it’s given me, and partly due to feeling accepted and worthy in the art world. 

Onwards and upwards. It’s also extremely motivational to look deeper into the soul of my work. 

I have so many paintings in there screaming to get out.

Watch this space 


Jameson Art Gallery piece published in The Ideal Home magazine.

Sketch Painting piece published in The Ideal Home Magazine.


Ideal homes magazine feb 19.jpg

I’m very excited and proud to share with you the February issue of ‘Ideal Home’ where 2 of my paintings are featured as part of an 11 page home renovation. 

This was more a stroke of luck than anything else as my sisters is an extremely talented stylist and it’s a feature of her home renovation!

So I was extremely lucky and grateful that she wanted my art on her walls!!