Everything Changes Urban Version

Everything Changes Urban Mix.jpg
Everything Changes Urban Mix.jpg

Everything Changes Urban Version

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There are two options to buy:

  1. Original artwork. Mixed media on canvas. The size is 100cm x 73cm £2,115

    I used the exact outlines of my original Everything Changes’’ to create this urban version on canvas. She’s enriched with thick textured acrylic paint and posca pens.

  2. Painted prints. Limited edition canvas prints, over painted with acrylic, signed and varnished by the artist. Each print is slightly different and unique. 

    There are 5 sizes available

    100cm x 73cm £525.00

    92cm x 65cm £495.00

    81cm x 60cm £485.00

    73cm x 54cm £475.00

Please allow 3-4 weeks for production as these prints are made to order. 

Please enquire if you would like a different size.

Original and Prints:
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